You looked in the face of adversity. You faced your biggest fears. With confidence restored and courage you'll gain. Be the Rock that will stand strong when the waves of life are crashing all around you.”

— Michael D. Bookmiller

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When I first introduced 10 year old Mikaya Taylor to the world , she combined her angelic vocals with her own creative contemporary soulful style to become one of the most sought after young performers on the festival and event stages and platforms today.  Now, at the age of 13 Mikaya has been called a "singing phenom" because of her ability to make people "feel" what the lyrics of the song are about. If you think your audience would enjoy Mikaya you can contact us on our inquiries and booking interest form below. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to performing for you.


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Mikaya Taylor is 14 years old and has been named Ambassador for the State Of Kentucky which was a HUGE honor. Mikaya has  finished recording her first original song about her life entitled “I Never Really Knew Him”. This 
song was written by Barbara Owens and it was written bout Mikaya and her life without her father. This song has been making HUGE impacts on everyone who has been fortunate 
enough to hear it before the actual CD was finished. This song 
is touching people of all ages young and old. Mikaya is no stranger to that because her talent and vocals have been touching people every   where for a few years now. Mikaya is playing the festival circuit and has made a lot of new friends along the way. She is hoping that with her new song kids everywhere will Know they are not alone and they can succeed even though a huge part of their life is missing. Mikaya has struggled with not having a father in her life and has had a hard time finding a way to cope with all the hurt, feelings, and emotions so she can get some type of healing and move on with her life. There seems to always be a void in her heart that no one else can fill. It seems that every time she sings this song a healing takes place in her heart through her music. Mikaya already has one CD out called Small Town Big Heart 
and this song has been released as a single. This little girl is still making her way in the music industry 
trying to help the hurting along the way. We are very grateful for all the notes, letters, and messages we have received from people young and old telling us how much this song has touched their life and how much they can relate. It is our hope that everyone who can relate to this song is blessed beyond measure. 
We look forward to seeing you at a nearby festival or venue so 
you can hear this song and start your healing process with Mikaya today. 

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